• Tamsin Lacourte

Lockdown Valentine's Date Ideas

Valentine's may seem a little grim this year, but you don't have to let lockdown ruin the celebration! Here a 8 low-waste date ideas to spruce up your Valentine's:

1. Go on a romantic walk

Enjoy the outdoors with your loved one. Plan a cheeky stop along the way to drink some fizz and enjoy some chocolates. Check out these brands for ethical chocolate: Plamil, Tradecraft, Seed & Bean, Wunder Workshop, Divine, and Montezuma's.

2. Book local services

Many local services are still open. Hire a home cinema, a hot tub or even a disco.

3. Join a live cooking class

Unleash your inner chef and whip up something delightful with online classes. There's a vast array of choices with The Cookery and I Eat Food Tours.

4. Get outside

Enjoy your outdoor space by swooning for each other under the stars. Dress up warm, grab cozy blankets and snuggle under the winter's night sky.

5. Pamper yourself

Unwind from the pressures of the week by creating a home spa experience with massage oil, scented candles and soft music. Turn to Youtube tutorials to refresh your massage skills.

6. Movie night

Netflix and chill can easily be turned into a romantic date with a fancy home cooked meal, or comfort food, and a good movie.

7. Wine tasting tour

Buy a couple of different wines. Divide each room into a separate tasting area: living room is for the bordeaux, kitchen is for the bourgogne... Whip up a cheese platter to accompany the wine.

8. Dress up

You don't need an excuse to upgrade your look from casual to chic. Take out your fanciest clothes and enjoy the evening.

Remember, Valentine's Day is about celebrating love. You don't need to shower your loved one with expensive gifts or experiences to prove your love. You can easily create intimate moments that will last a lifetime with the above ideas.

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